PrintSource, Inc. is a print management company that brings a combined 56 years in the industry that specializes in the creation, warehousing, and distribution of printed materials. Those materials can be all types of printed documents including commercial printing and promotional items. We do not present ourselves as just a printing company but one that can handle all items that would be coordinated as part of a marketing project, be it a new product release, a new branding, or a new communication channel for a client. We also are involved in barcoding and data collection applications and an extensive line of pressure-sensitive labels. We don’t create messages or information. We focus on the delivery of the message or information both internal to an organization and external to their client base. In short, we move information from point A to point B by creating the vehicle that transports it.

PrintSource, Incorporated, a South Carolina forms and label company, originally developed The Gripper® for a local customer who was experiencing tremendous charge backs due to their daily leak problems.
The Gripper® is easy to use. The label is applied to the bottle with half of the strip on the cap and the other half on the top of the bottle neck (FIG1).

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“Pursuing excellence in all that we do” is more than just our slogan. Anything less than excellence amounts to nothing more than mediocrity. We are driven to be the best partner for solving the complex challenges that our customers face. Our diverse print expertise coupled with our value-added service capabilities provide our customers with proven solutions that reducing cost, provide world-class operational excellence and expectations.”


Alan – Distribution Center

I would recommend PrintSource to anyone! High quality, great communication and attention to detail are some of the reasons why we love working with PrintSource. They have been our go-to label printer for a long time, and we value the strong working relationship we have built with them over the years. I would recommend them to anyone!

T.C. – Automotive Manufacturer

They are the best in the business! PrintSource’s entire team is outstanding! The entire staff responds to every challenge with a positive attitude, and always treat their customers like they are the most important part of their business. The partnership with PSI strengthens our position in the marketplace by offering the highest quality products and service. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for their services. They are the best in the business!

Sally – Non Profit Organization

They’re very professional and always ahead of our own time lines. PrintSource, Inc. has made our lives so much simpler! They’re very professional and always ahead of our own time lines. They respond to our concerns within minutes and we have never needed to call their customer service. Our representative is always kind and patient and follows up on every single detail. We love them!

Joe – Textile

I always turn to PrintSource, Inc! They’ve never let me down. For short run labels, which I need turned around quickly and dependably, I always turn to them for help. If there is urgency to the project, they get me estimates quickly and can promise me turnaround times in days. PrintSource has a large number of standard dies so I needn’t pay extra for a custom die, and a wide range of quality paper. For fast digital printing, they’ve never let me down.

Barbara – Retail Products Company

They are a true quality partner staffed not only with the latest technology, but the people to make a difference. As a packaging manufacturer and distributor, we are faced with multiple challenges every day. Unique applications, creative challenges, tight delivery windows, and last-minute design changes are common in our industry. PrintSource’s staff prides themselves on being to handle the challenges head-on and delivering results. They are a true quality partner staffed not only with the latest technology, but the people to make a difference.