By air, sea or land your shipments get into the field quickly. That includes national distribution through B2B and B2C channels for major marketers who’ve got to expedite their Pick and Pack operations to get shipments into the field ASAP. So they call on PrintSource for services that can also include rework projects, product postponement, storage, and more. Clients who need to replenish or restock retail outlets know PrintSource can get it done with superb speed and accuracy, helping their supply chain function with expedience and cost-effectiveness. Our digital reporting and management systems make sure each customer can stay in the loop, too, on the status of any job

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Great, because it’s the same for us. We engineer our Pick and Pack fulfillment and distribution processes to be as safe, efficient, and accurate as any in the industry. We train our staff so that they’re the best at what they do. We layout our warehouse to maximize productivity and efficiency while minimizing travel time and distance between frequently-associated items. Workers “pick” the ordered products and prepare them for shipping by packing them into individual containers, pallets, boxes, or whatever’s appropriate for the job. At every step, we take extra care to ensure the integrity of each product, along with its packaging.