There is a distinction between what a print management services company provides and a printing company offer. This article helps demystify the myth of what is print management and how it saves an organization time and money.

“We are a print management services company.  We help customers streamline their operations and reduce costs by utilizing the unique and sometimes proprietary extensive manufacturing capabilities of our manufacturing plants. It is through this network coupled with the expertise that enables us to produce the right product and have it matched to the correct print technology.

8 main reasons why you should use a print management services company!

  1. Time saved on sourcing print items and solutions
  2. One supplier – one invoice
  3. Print & production managed by one project manager
  4. Skill and expertise not available in-house
  5. Accessibility to 1,000’s of unique print, electronic and promotional products; secure managed print solutions
  6. Continuity of service
  7. Increased speed to market
  8. Storage of printed material now housed remotely with no on-going cost to you.

These are just a few simple ways a business can benefit from removing itself from the task of buying print and related solutions by using a print management consultant.