Finally, there is a product to hit the after-market to help solve the problem of liquid leaks during shipping. The Gripper® is a time tested proven strip that not only keeps tops from rattling loose during shipping, but its unique adhesive creates a seal between the top of a bottle and its cap to help prevent leaks. In every location that The Gripper® has been used, liquid leaks have been significantly reduced or eliminated all together.

The Gripper® History

PrintSource, Incorporated, a South Carolina forms and label company, originally developed The Gripper® for a local customer who was experiencing tremendous chargebacks due to their daily leak problems. The customer, a national distributor of medical supplies to doctor offices, needed a product that could be applied after-market both by hand and automatically. They had tried all variations of tapes to no avail. PrintSource began experimenting with new material combinations that would not tear coupled with an adhesive that would grip tightly to a wide range of substrates while at the same time being easily removed. After six months of testing, The Gripper®, a patent-pending strip, was developed and the customer’s liquid leaks were completely eliminated resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in savings. In fact, it worked so well that the parent company implemented the use of The Gripper® in all five of their distribution centers nationwide.

How to Use The Gripper®

The Gripper® is easy to use. The label is applied to the bottle with half of the strip on the cap and the other half on the top of the bottle neck (FIG1). It is then wrapped around the circumference of the bottle top (FIG2). The patent-pending strip prevents the top from rattling loose during shipping. The Gripper® can also be used over the top of a bottle (FIG3). However, when used in this manner the adhesive can not fill in the gap between cap and bottle top around the circumference of the bottle. In locations where this style of application has been used, there is a reduction in leaks but not as significant as in the wrap method.

How to purchase The Gripper®

The Gripper® Sizes: 250 Labels Per Roll / 20 Rolls Per Case

  • 3/4″ X 6″ ($36/1000 OR $9.00/Roll OR $180/Case)
  • 1-1/4″ X 6″ ($42/1000 OR $10.50/Roll OR $210/Case)
  • 1-3/8″ X 12″ ($84/1000 OR $21/Roll OR $420/Case)

For more information on The Gripper®

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